DAMAGE CONTROL: Water leakage is the leading cause of roof damage. It ruins insulation, causes corrosion, weakens metal decks and other building structures, nurtures mold growth, and can even lead to structural collapse. The first step in moisture problem remediation is to quickly and accurately locate and remove all sources of moisture. Now, thanks to our infrared camera, we have a fast, effective way to spot water accumulation and damage on any roof – even when the damage is out of sight. This non-destructive approach saves time, energy and money without disrupting inhabitants.

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ENERGY CONTROL: A truly “cool” roof is one that provides trouble-free service, competitive life-cycle costs and environmental advantages. We call them the “Five E’s”.

  • Reduce Energy use and improve energy efficiency.

  • Minimize impact on the earthly Environment.

  • Meet or exceed Endurance requirements for long life.

  • Deliver good Economics for the entire life cycle.

  • Incorporate solid design and Engineering principles.

When you consider these “Five E’s”, alone and together, high performance roofing takes on a new meaning, and one very cool solution: emerges the Duro-Last Cool Zone roofing system.